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Dear Friend,
You are 3 steps away from a fortune !
I’ll reveal all the magic models you’ll ever need in this grand package.
Picture yourself earning several thousands a month,work a few hours a week from the comfort of your home at a leisurely pace and watch the cash roll in daily.
What if i could just show you the real system i use to put $200-$500 per day into my bank account working from the comfort of my home in a boxer short just from a computer with internet connection…..WOULD you be interested?

 If yes, then this will be the most important message you will ever read online ! Trust me.
What if it only took a couple of hours per day and was available worldwide! Sounds too good to be true? It isn’t! You can even start working in just a few minutes from now. I’ll explain…
As you read this thousands of men and women all over the world are using this sysytem to…….
.Fire their boss and Hire themselves

.Quit their Dead end day job and work at home.
.Get out of debt (G.O.O.D)

.Retire early with secure,ongoing income

.Buy a new car of new Home

.Improve their lifestyle


 Now may i asked….

.Are you unemployed?

. Are you disabled?

. Tired of your current job?

. Are you a college student?

. Need to make some extra cash?

. Frustrated with all the money making scams on the web?

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. Want to start living the life you’ve always dreamed of?
Then you need to read this immediately…

Dear Friend,

Let me share a personal story with you. Back in the late 90s, I held an Excellent position at a large IT company with a nice monthly salary. Somehow, the company ran into financial problems and was forced to lay off over 50% of its staff. Unfortunately for me, I was included. So there I was stranded, alone, unemployed, with all the bills to pay and a family to support. Where I lived, such jobs weren’t easy to come by.
So I decided to do a little research. I spent many sleepless nights on the web just searching for something to do, anything that could help support me and my family.
I just wanted a way to make money, and not lose it, as I soon found to be the case with numerous internet scams.
Just like you, I often stumbled upon all types of web sites offering me some money matrix scheme, promising me all the money in the world. Yeah, right! From stuffing envelopes, Multi Level Marketing, High Yield Investment Programs, to selling all types of useless products. You name it, I’ve been there, done that. Finally, I came across something that worked…
And i did see this on warrior’s forum and Alabi’s forum!so what the heck igave it a short.
The first month only a few thousands came in and the next i could’nt believe it,
it really worked!My email inbox was cramed with “NOTICATION OF PAYMENT”
meaasges and my bank account turned into a cash dumping ground of unlimited earnings.
So,how did i make all the money?
Here’s the secret ! LOOK inside now to DISCOVER………

These Companies Need You Urgently ! !

Online advertising has skyrocketed over the past few years. In 2007, companies spent close to $20 billion advertising online. That figure is expected to increase substantially in 2008. What does this mean for you? Money is going into your bank account a lot faster this year. And next year. And the year after. That’s IF you follow my methods.
You see, companies worldwide are desperately searching for people just like you to type up their ads and post them online, and they’ll pay you nicely in return. It’s a win-win situation. They get more customers, you get paid. It’s as simple as that. These companies have cash, LOTS of it, and they’re eager to share it with you. It’s time for you to get a piece of the pie.
All you need to get started is a computer with internet access. What you’ll be doing is posting short text ads for companies and submitting them in various online forms. That’s it! No prior skills or experience needed on your part. You don’t need any degree in marketing to do this. Heck, you didn’t even have to finish high school!
Now Here’s an example of exactly what i mean…
“Stop making someone else rich,make a killing yourself by selling your own electronic books(ebooks).FREE download available!
Go now:
You see, that’s just an icing on the cake.
We’re going to teach you EXACTLY how to do everything with our Step-by-Step Video guides and Image tutorials. That way, you can learn at your own pace and convenience.
All types of individuals around the world even your next door neighbour use this system to silently make more money than they ever could working in a boring, dead-end day job. So, why wouldn’t you? This secret had been in existence ever since colunbus found America and this had been hidden from you. And congratulations you have found out !
You can work part-time or full-time, it’s all up to you. There will be no one to give you orders anymore! You have now become your own boss.
You know it and I know it; 99% of money making opportunities on the web are useless. Over a period of 5 years, I’ve tried them all and nothing comes close to this.

How Does It Work?

This is like a freelance opportunity. You can submit the ads on your own schedule, day or night, and you do as many as you want with absolutely no restrictions. There will always be work for you to do no matter where you live.
This is a successful money-making system with unlimited potential. I’ll show you all the MAGIC STEPS to the exact system I use to make money by posting ads for companies online. It runs virtually on autopilot. Once your ads are submitted, they’ll be making money for you over and over and over.
In other words, you don’t have to be sitting in front of your computer all day just to earn your money. You can go play golf with your friends, or go to the shopping mall with your family. Like I said, it’s totally up to you. That’s the beauty of this system.
We’ll provide you with large online networks of thousands of companies to work with, each sorted by category and profitability. The internet is huge, that’s why there is never a shortage of these positions. Many people love to work with companies that relate to their interests.
You can either use the free methods or the paid methods to post your ads, both will earn you a great income. The difference is, with the paid methods, you can literally be making money minutes after signing up. If you decide to go the paid route, we’ll set you up with over $200 in free credit to start with (that’s like getting your membership for free!) That way, you’re guaranteed to earn some quick, easy cash without dipping into your pocket.
You just have to register with these companies and then you can get to work. Don’t worry, signing up is free and easy. You earn money every time your ad generates a transaction, up to $100 each! Just one ad could earn you a few hundred dollars. After submitting a few ads, you could start seeing money show up in your earnings account.
The more ads you post, the more money you earn. It’s that simple!
I guarantee that you could earn back your membership fee multiple times over within just a day or two with no trouble at all. There is absolutely NO COST to register with these companies, you will never be rejected, members worldwide are accepted and you may begin immediately.
You’ll be provided with everything you need to get started; including some sample info that you can just copy and paste into the forms, along with our Complete Step-by-Step System. Also, keep in mind that i am strongly behind you to see you succeed in this business providing you with an ongoing quick reponse and support along the way.
Submit your name and email address to receive FREE money-making info plus our FREE bonus.
Access to our passworded exclusive VIP members’ only cash vault.
(Your details will NEVER be shared with anyone. We abide by strict privacy laws)
First Name:

Already see the potential? LOOK inside there’s More….

A Foolproof Step-by-Step Instant Online Jobs Training Program
You’ll receive unrestricted access to both image and video tutorials to guide you through the entire process. It’s like having your own personal tutor there to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! If you still need help, contact our helpful support team, we’re always ready to answer any of your questions.
We even show you which companies to work with so you make more money. With such a support system, you simply can’t fail!

ATTENTION! This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. This is a legitimate way to make a good income using your computer and Internet connection. Don’t expect to wake up tomorrow morning $1000 richer. However, if you follow our system correctly, you can easily earn a couple thousand dollars every month. Guaranteed!
With InstantOnlineJobs methods…
. You’ll NEVER need your own website!
· You’ll NEVER have to sell anything!
. You’ll NEVER need to carry any products or inventory!
· You’ll NEVER have to deal directly with the customers!
· You’ll NEVER have to call or contact any customers!
. You’ll NEVER have to work set hours. Work in your own time!
All you have to do is follow this simple 5-Step Piece-of-Cake Process…
1. Choose the companies you would like to work with.
There are currently more than 10,000 companies to choose from.
You will never run out of jobs anymore!
2. Login to your ad account.
3. Enter your ads into the forms.
4. Hit the submit button.
5. That’s it! Sit back and wait for your checks to come in.

Getting Paid!


The companies will pay you by check twice a month (on the 1st and 16th) and some will pay via PayPal. You can also be paid via wire transfer or direct deposit if your earnings are above $2000 per month.
These payments come like clockwork. You get paid on time, every time. You will also be able to login at any time during the day to check your stats and keep track of how much you have made in real-time. No more worries on late paychecks.
You may be wondering to yourself, why I would share this valuable information with you. You see, these companies benefit from people like you and me doing these ads to help promote their products. If thousands of people type up ads for them in one day, they will generate much more profit than if they did it themselves in one week! They can also cut down on huge employee overhead.
There is a large demand for new workers, so the time to get in is NOW! We’ve already got over 25,000 members around the world posting ads for companies and making a fantastic income doing it. Please keep in mind, that this opportunity is for serious individuals who are willing to put in the effort.
If you are a committed individual and think you can put in a couple of hours per day submitting these ads, we want you on board!

An Opportunity for Anyone

One night, back in January of last year, I went out to dinner with my good friend Johnson. We were just about ready to head home and so the waiter handed us our bill. Johnson took a look at it and I noticed his eyes open wide.
Without inquiring as to what was wrong, I simply told him I’ve got it covered. he seemed to let out a sigh of relief and soon followed with the question, “Seriously Charles, what do you do for a living? It seems like you’re always able to afford anything you want!”
Now, Johnson didn’t have the best of jobs, and he always seemed to be living from paycheck to paycheck (same as you?), so I thought to myself, it’s about time I helped him out.
After giving him the gist of how I make good money working from my own bedroom, we returned to his house and he hurriedly got connected to the internet. I sat down with him and walked him through, step by step, the exact process I use to enter my ads. I showed him how to register his accounts and even what he had to enter into the forms.
The whole process took about 20 minutes.
“That’s it?” he asked surprised. “Yep, now just be sure to check back tomorrow morning and you should already see some extra cash.” I responded confidently. He was obviously bursting with excitement and thanked me profoundly for my help.
The next morning I woke up to the ringing of my phone. It was Johnson on the other end, his voice rushed with elation. “Charles, I did it!” he exclaimed. Still only half awake, I asked him, “Did what?”
“My account, has money in it, $56.40 to be exact.” This obviously caught my attention. “Really, you made that while you were sleeping?” I anxiously responded. “Yes! That’s just from what we set up last night!”
Johnson was delighted. Our conversation ended shortly after that, as he was eager to get back to submitting more ads. I myself, was quite content with his progress and with the fact that I had just given him an opportunity to live a better life.

How Your Life Will Change!

Here’s what my life is like now I’m working from home. I get up out of bed, walk over to my computer and login to check to see how much money I made while I was sleeping. I prepare myself a nice cup of coffee, catch up on the news then go for a nice morning walk… and that’s during the week!
Notice that I haven’t said anything about waking up to the ringing of an alarm clock and rushing to get into the stressful morning commute just to go work at some dead end job.
That’s the beauty of working at home! Absolutely no commuter traffic, no stressful boss and I am in control of my time. Not someone else! No longer do I waste my time in rush hour traffic. That’s because I choose how and where I spend my days. If I like, I can spend 30 minutes on the computer or longer, it’s totally up to me.
I now have the time to do things on my own schedule, not someone else’s. You too can do the very same thing working in the comfort of your own home!
Imagine waking up in the morning and sitting in front of your PC to work between 1-2 hours dail and earning $200.If you calculate that in a month,that’s a whooping $6000 every month.isn’t that amazing?
I am sure you can do with that as a paycheck every month. This is my life,this is what i do everyday and earn a living without leaving the comfort of my room,and i want you to be exactly like me.I love this because i choose my own hours,work around my schedule and still get paid every month.


You do not require any qualification whatsoever,you only need to know how to surf/browse the internet.This is essential.
But don’t take our word for it.Just look at what our members are saying….

Testimonial #1

“Thank you for giving me the opptortunity to earn some extra money online though i’m not making thousands yet,but the extra money has really helped in paying off some bills” M.Abolaji-Ekiti

Testimonial #2

I just thought I’d thank you for finally giving me a real chance to earn money from my home. Your members’ area is definitely a breath of fresh air in comparison to all the nonsense I’ve tried. There are so many home jobs in your database, it’s going to take forever to choose what I want… but that’s a good thing 🙂 -Mrs Ngozi Daniel—PH

Testimonial #3

“I used to think that all work at home opportunities on the ‘net were just scam artists trying to steal my money. With my last bit of hope, I decided to try your website and boy am I glad I did! It took a couple days to really get the nitty gritty of everything, but now I’m up to $100 per day in earnings… and climbing! I just wanted to write and thank you for providing such a great resource for me to actually earn a real income online” – Patrick Uche – Enugu.

Testimonial #4

“Not being the gambling type,it took me several weeks to make up my mind to participate in this plan.But conservative that i am,i decided to fight my fears,get loosed from my comfort zone and take action.I was surprised after 10 days of carefully following the simple instructions,the money started coming in.My first month i made$1656 and by the middle of the second month my total cash count was $2085,all from the comfort of my home.Life is beautiful,thanks to the internet.Lilian James-Lagos.

This is the best investment you are going to make this year.There is no doubt about about that.Sign up as a member and let me show how to legally end your financial worries forever.

I’m sure you can’t wait to order this package….
BUT WAIT….That’s not all !

If you sign up now and order this package today, You Will Get FREE ACCESS To These Exclusive Super Bonuses !

Bonus #1— Real At Home Jobs!

Get access to a HUGE database of real, verified companies looking to hire individuals willing to work at home. Our database is constantly updated with the latest job offers. These are all legitimate, no-fee jobs from real employers that can be done from your home. Companies will often pay per hour! This is a great opportunity for those looking for a part time job or those looking to replace their full time job with a real company. You will be able to access 1000s of jobs such as 100% legitimate data entry jobs, writing, translating, sales, tutoring, assistants, transcription, processing, coding and more!
Bonus #2– Make Money Completing Surveys

Online surveys have become a revolutionary new way for people at home to make money from the internet. Anyone can do it. It’s so easy and has great income potential. You can earn up to $100 per hour just for giving your opinion which will also have an impact on future products. How much you earn depends on how much time you put into it. We even give you special form-filling software so that you can get started in no time. We provide over 500 companies willing to pay you. All of these companies are free to sign up with.
I made $1000 in 30 days with one survey company. Imagine the potential with over 500!
Bonus #3—- Make Money on eBay

Buying and reselling items online is a great way to earn money. Over one million people sell products on eBay and thousands of them are getting rich earning thousands of dollars every month. These entrepreneurs buy items at cheap wholesale prices and resell them to customers. Some wholesalers will easily ship the products directly from their warehouse to the customer, meaning you do not need to keep any inventory, ever! In our members’ area, you’ll find the secrets to making money on eBay as well as the product sources. Even if you’re just an online shopper looking to save money you’ll find our resources invaluable. You can save up to 90% on thousands of items!
N11,250($90.00) VALUE INCLUDED FREE!
Bonus #4— Automated Profit-Pulling Websites

Instant Online Jobs will provide you with your own free professionally built money-making websites directly affiliated with many companies. The biggest online earners today have their own websites. We take away all the hassle of setting up your own site by providing you with your very own turn key websites built especially to make you money. Just use our step by step guide available in our members’ area, and you’ll be on your way to a fantastic income from home. Here is what’s included with your website:

* FREE Traffic to your websites!
* Instant Online Setup. Ready to make you money immediately
* Detailed website statistics and earnings stats
* Full Step-by-step getting started guide
* Choice of 10 Money-Making websites in targeted and hungry markets
* Make Money with Google Adsense and affiliate programs
* 3 Additional Affiliate Income Streams


Bonus #5—-Automated follow ups !

I will create an autoresponder account with 5-7 prewritten messages for you so that you do not manually have to follow up on your customers.

Bobus #6—-Free money making Blog site

I will create a profit pulling blog site for you,populate it with 5-10 cash sucking articles and monetize it with google,draw heavy traffic to it such that could make Noah start building another ark.

Bonus #7—I will show you how to operate a click bank account right here from Nigeria plus how to cash your foreign cheques without going through the stress of opening a foreign account.

And lots more that i cannot reveal here……

This is the best investment you are going to make this year.There is no doubt about that.Trust me on this this !

Listen up friend…….

I guarantee that…..

Anyone Can Make A Six Figure Income Working From Home Using The Internet.It so Freaking Easy !

In our members’ area,i’ll reveal to you all the hidden top secret systems that will show you step-by-step on how you will make massive mounts of money online working from the comfort of your bedroom.

Yes,you really can make $200-$500 perday online from Home!

Just send in your “PAYMENT NOTIFICATION” and I’LL PROVE that earning $200-$500 per day online is as easy as earning $250 per hour when you know how!And starting today.

Seems pretty easy right? But the truth is ,i’ve found more people confused,perplexed,puzzled and just plain baffled about earning a living from home using the internet.And who wouldn’t be?
There are more self-proclaimed gurus and ‘wannabe’ gurus out there that you can shake a stick at.

This system will get your internet business up and running in just 24 hours! For sure you will fire your boss and say GOODBYE to that 8-5 dead end day job,no more money worries and get ready to HIRE yourself.

The problem is who can you believe online?
Four people i trust are Sunny Obazu
Ojeagbase webmaster/ceo of ,Akin Alabi, Akinolu Oluwafisayo owner of ,and YOU.

So HOW MUCH is this invaluable resource package going to cost you? I can hear you ask..

Before i tell you,let me point out some important things to you..

* The value of the bonuses you will be gettting is

*I will personally make sure you succeed with this business,Trust me.

*I will offer you lifetime support.I normally charge
N3000 per hour so you can imagine the worth of this.

*I will personally hand over to you a special file that contains great resources that will super-charge your bank account and turn it into a cash dumpimg ground of unlimited earnings.

*I will hand over to you your exclusive username and password of our jealously guarded VIP area that houses all the tools,resources,and million dollar additional bonuses in sought after ebooks,articles,softwares,websign templates,instant magic salesletters,autoresponder messages and more…..

It is obvious these super bonuses cannot be for every body.It is limited to only 20 early birds.So you need to send in your payment to claim your position before we shut the door to new members completely!

Could you imagine how successful you would be if you worked with your own personal tutor teaching you how to make thousands of dollars online! Everyday, hundreds of people struggle to make a dime online, because they have no idea what they’re doing. Don’t let that be you! Take advantage of our 1 on 1 Coaching Program and you will work directly with one of our personal tutors who will guide you every step of the way and show you how to start earning thousands of dollars from home. Each individual is different. That is why you will receive your own personalized plan, designed to meet your financial goals. You can truly kiss that dead-end job goodbye, and provide a better life for you and your family.

So how much do you think should be thre right fee? If you consider how much you can make if you lay your hands on this package,how much can you part with?
D you think it should be N100,000?No i won’t charge that much.
Do you think it should be N75,000?I think that will be too much for you.
What about N50,000?That should be okay,but i won’t demand that!

Okay…What about N25,000? After all, i have paid that much back in 2004,to a wannabe guru which did not make me half the purchase cost.But i will still come down for you !

N20,000? Nope……..
N15,000? Nope……..
Okay.Okay.Okay N10,000 is the price….
But hell NO! !

You will have to PAY ONLY N5997

Are you excited? Don’t be yet as i’m about to shock you…
You are covered by our No Bull,No Questions Asked,No Risk,Iron Clad, 100% MONEY BACK GURANTEED if you do not make money easily with our system working from home or from that cybercafe just across the road opposite your house.

I Guarantee that you will not find any better work at home offer anywhere on the web.

If you don’t believe you can get 20 times your investment back in almost effortless earnings.
If the information is not dead simple and easily implemented…

If you don,t think this is the biggest bargain in money making……
Just send it back to me within 30 days of recieving it and i will refund the money you paid and offer my unreserved apology for wasting your time.
How’s that for taking the risk?

You no longer have an excuse for not making all the money with this home money machine,from the comfort of your home/office with a computer with internet connection.


PAY only N5997 into my account from any branch of SPRING BANK NIG.PLC

Account Name—Charles Geofrey
Account Number—-0 0 3 2 3 0 1 0 0 0 0 3 7

After making payment, send me an email in the format below:



Dear Charles,

This is to notify you that i have made payment into your bank account.Here are the transaction details you requested.

Name————– Your name
Branch paid into——
Amount paid———
Teller Number——–
Date of payment——-
Tel. No——————-

Please confirm this payment and give me INSTANT access immediately.

You can also text me on 08052526456.

It Is Now My Turn To Do All The Work!

Once i hear from you, i will contact my banker for confirmation.Once they give us the green light, i will send you the same day your special exclusive access code to our members area to begin work.

It will look like this…
Once you have these details Hulalalaaaaa..
You now have in your palm the secret key to unlock the Vault of cental bank of Nigeria.


I will give you everything for a one time investment of N5997(Limited time offer No hidden fees).

Yes! Give me Instant access to the Instant onlinejobs members area.

So you want access to all of this information to start working fron home immediately right?Great! Sign up today and you will recieve unlimited premium access to all these great ways to make money for a one time investment of ONLY N5997.

We regularly update our database with all the latest home job offers and money-making opportunities.As a member,you will recieve all future updates FREE! Don’t waste your time with outdated material.We guaranty you won’t find a better work at home offer on the web.

This is a limited special and we can only guarantee this 50% off discount until 14 days from today . We are only accepting a specified number of members at this price. Once the 20 slots is complete, this special will be gone forever! We are giving you all of this for one super low price as we believe everyone should have the opportunity to earn a living from home. So hurry and order now before the price goes up!

Make sure you are among the lucky 20 that will pay N5997 and also grab the super bonuses,The 20 early bird slots will be taken up quickly.We have just 20 slots left.Grab yours today before it is late.

P.S—Place you order and let me prove it’s what you’ve been missing.I’m so confident of it that i’ll give you 100% of your money back if you don’t like it.What do you have to lose ?Nothing!

P.S.S—Due to excessive demand for this special offer,we now have 20 membership slots available.Once they are taken,that’s it.No more.Don’t miss out. We will soon be forced to raise the price back to N11,997 or close the door to new members completely.Join and guarantee your membership spot.

P.S.S.S— I give you double guarantee that you will make $200-$500 per day and i promise to answer your questions along the way.
But you will need to study the kit,pick one of the models and work on it for 30 days as if your life depended on it.

Your friend

Charles Geofrey



copyright, Charles Geofrey 2008



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